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Using SpineTech PRO

Why You Need SpineTech PRO Software...

  • Most Comprehensive Biomechanical Analysis Software Available.
  • Have more patients accept your care recommendations.
  • Get more M.D. and Attorney referrals.
  • Includes Web Viewer to View Analyses on Mobile and Desktop Platforms.
  • Generate Comparative Reports to Demonstrate Progress.
  • Scoliosis Measurements Included.
  • All 3 Normal Lateral Spinal Curves - Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar.
  • Include Comments & Annotations for All Studies and Print Them with the Report.
  • Full Pelvis Analysis with Measurements Included.
  • Affordably Priced and it Includes Support, Storage & Backup.


Quickly Create a Complete Take Home Report

  • Over 50 Different X-ray Mensuration Analyses.
  • Visual Cervical and Lumbar Range of Motion.
  • AP and Lat Posture Analysis.
  • Create Custom Care Plans to Explain Your Treatment.
  • Produce Financial Plans to Make Your Fee Acceptable.
  • Print Custom Spinal Meric Charts Showing Problem Areas.
  • Compare Initial Reports to Current for Progress Exams.

Does Your Report of Findings Sound Something Like This?...

“During your exam I found that your skull is translated over your shoulders, your pelvis is rotated anteriorly, and your right shoulder is high. Rotation to the left was limited and your x-rays show that you  have lost the lordosis in your cervical spine. You have motion restrictions at C4 and C5 on the right and I’ll need to see you 3 times a week for the next 8 weeks.   This will cost you $1900.00.”


You understand but your patient is lost!

Get up to a 50% improvement in case acceptance and compliance when your patients understand their need for care. SpineTech makes your care understandable.


Don’t pay more for less.

SpineTech PRO delivers Digital X-ray Analysis, Range of Motion, Posture, Listings, Care and Financial presentations in 1 package to increase your practice retention and your bottom line.


SpineTech PRO was designed from the ground up for health care professionals who appreciate the importance of biomechanical analysis and understand the importance of documenting motion and postural deficits. When your patient understands what is wrong they are much more likely to commit to correction. SpineTech PRO is ideal for chiropractors, physical medicine providers, personal trainers, massage therapists, and physical therapists.

This video is what your current report of findings sounds like to your patients.......

SpineTech PRO makes your report of findings understandable so your patient can share their findings with others.

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