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Perform X-ray, ROM, and posture analysis in under 5 minutes


Designed to educate your patients about the need for care.


The most complete ROF package available for the price of 1 closed case a year.

Select Your Plan From These 3 Options


All The Required Components For a Case Closing Report of Findings

rom & care plans

Digital cervical and lumbar range of motion analysis so your patients can see the functional loss. Printed care plans and financial plans so they know exactly what they need, why they need it, and how they can afford to get it.

x-ray analysis

The most complete x-ray analysis reporting software available anywhere. Your patients will see their problem and more importantly they will be able to share it with others. Over 50 different x-ray mensuration analyses are included.


Complete posture analysis reporting. Digital posture analysis provides important information about a person's posture habits.  This information helps identify and track areas for posture correction. Great for re-exams and progress reports.

SpineTech PRO works with PRIMO Practice Software and DRMA Technologies


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Click on the trial and use the software with no obligation for 30 days. If you like it you can purchase for a one-time fee of $2297 or use it as long as you like for $99/month with no contracts. There is a $197/year fee for support, updates, and data storage after the first 12 months.


We're confident that once you see how much your patients like SpineTech PRO reports you'll want to use it on every patient you see.


SpineTech PRO is the only ROF and Analysis software that includes X-ray, Posture, Range of Motion, Spinal Listings, Care Plan, and Financial Plan in one affordable package and is so easy to use.


This makes patient education easy and very effective. Once your patient can see and understand their problem in so many different ways they will want care and the Care and Financial Plan Calculators clear up all concerns about frequency and cost.





Our goal is to provide manual therapy practitioners the best software possible to make treating patients easier and more effective.



HIPAA  (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. PRIMO provides workstation security, ensuring the computer terminals that access individual health records cannot be used by unauthorized persons.


We use redundant data storage to protect from disaster and utilize data encryption up and down. Require user authentication, with passwords and PIN numbers to limit access to patient information to authorized-only individuals.


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